Get ready to dive into the exciting world of Super Multi Bet! It’s like a super cool strategy game that combines your smarts, gut feelings, and taking some risks. Imagine using your sports knowledge and love for the game to win big rewards. But hold on tight, because this adventure is not for the easily scared!

Super Multi Bet

Now, let’s break down what a combo bet means. It’s all about aiming for the sky with your bets, where anything can happen, and the fun never ends. Winning is a mix of being good at what you do.

So, are you ready to take on this challenge?

We are here to help you make a big profit with our treble bets.

05.01.2024 Friday
Hapoel A.-Maccabi J. Tip:2 Odds:2.00 FT:0:2
Nes TzionaIroni T. Tip:2 Odds:2.00 FT:2:3
M. HerzliyaHapoel Tip:2 Odds:2.20 FT:1:2
Total Odds: 08.80

06.01.2024 Saturday
SC Farense-Gil Vicente Tip:1 Odds:2.10 FT:1:0
Ayr-Inverness Tip:2 Odds:2.40 FT:1:3
Southend-FC Halifax Tip:1 Odds:2.10 FT:3:0
Total Odds: 10.58

07.01.2024 Sunday
Gol Gohar-Tractor Tip:2 Odds:2.35 FT:0:1
Crotone-Catania Tip:1 Odds:2.25 FT:3:0
Udinese-Lazio Tip:2 Odds:2.15 FT:1:2
Total Odds: 11.36

12.01.2024 Friday
RFC LiegePatro E. Tip:1 Odds:2.20 FT:1:0
AvranchesCholet Tip:1 Odds:2.10 FT:2:1
ScarboroughForest G. Tip:2 Odds:2.15 FT:2:4
Total Odds: 09.93

13.01.2024 Saturday
SudtirolFeralpiSalo Tip:1 Odds:2.30 FT:1:0
AnkaragucuKasimp. Tip:1 Odds:2.20 FT:3:1
CittadellaPalermo Tip:1 Odds:2.25 FT:2:0
Total Odds: 11.38

14.01.2024 Sunday
MetzToulouse Tip:2 Odds:2.40 FT:0:1
AjaxAEK Athens FC Tip:1 Odds:2.00 FT:3:1
QPRWatford Tip:2 Odds:2.30 FT:1:2
Total Odds: 11.04

19.01.2024 Friday
RedditchHitchin Tip:1 Odds:2.00 FT:3:0
AltaySanliurfaspor Tip:1 Odds:2.50 FT:1:0
TorreensePenafiel Tip:1 Odds:2.00 FT:1:0
Total Odds: 10.00

20.01.2024 Saturday
MadureiraAudax RJ Tip:1 Odds:2.20 FT:1:0
BordeauxNice Tip:2 Odds:2.05 FT:2:3
PalermoModena Tip:1 Odds:2.20 FT:4:2
Total Odds: 09.92

21.01.2024 Sunday
OsasunaGetafe Tip:1 Odds:2.20 FT:3:2
MaritimoNacional Tip:1 Odds:2.10 FT:3:1
Sao BernardoItuano Tip:1 Odds:2.30 FT:2:0
Total Odds: 10.62

26.01.2024 Friday
EpinalNancy Tip:2 Odds:2.30 FT:1:2
WesterloRWDM Tip:1 Odds:2.00 FT:3:0
PharcoEl Gaish Tip:2 Odds:2.10 FT:0:1
Total Odds: 09.66

27.01.2024 Saturday
WiganStevenage Tip:2 Odds:2.30 FT:2:3
HeartsAberdeen Tip:1 Odds:2.10 FT:2:0
OmoniaPaphos Tip:2 Odds:2.40 FT:1:2
Total Odds: 11.59

28.01.2024 Sunday
GubbioLucchese Tip:1 Odds:2.15 FT:1:0
MoreirenseFamalicao Tip:1 Odds:2.30 FT:1:0
Celta VigoGirona Tip:2 Odds:2.35 FT:0:1
Total Odds: 11.62

Every month we put together a performance table with all the results from the Super Multi Bet. You can easily find this list on the Results page, and guess what? We update it a lot during the month! This list is super helpful because it shows us how many times we won or lost each month. It also tells us the percentage of wins and losses.

We also have this awesome table that shows every game we played. It includes the date, the odds (which are like the chances of winning), the result, and whether we won or lost money. This table is like a secret weapon because it helps us figure out how much profit you can make with Super Multi Bet. So, it’s like a guide to see how much money you can make by following and subscribing to our Treble Bets.