The 1X2 betting strategy has been around for a really long time. It’s also known as a win bet and it’s the most popular type of soccer bet right now. There are some newer types of bets like Total Goals, Both Teams to Score (BTTS), Goal-Goal/No-Goal, and Correct Score. These new bets were made to match what people want and like when they bet on sports.  This means that the betting industry is always changing and growing. But in betting, if it’s easier to predict, you usually win less money. That’s why the 1X2 betting strategy is still the best. We’re here to find the best single fixed matches strategy for you to win big!

Daily Singles

Sure Matches
  • Daily Single - We are sending one (1) daily single Price:EUR30
  • Weekly Singles - We are sending seven (7) daily singles Price:EUR100
  • Monthly Singles - We are sending thirty (30) daily singles, Price:EUR250
  • odds always over 2.10

Daily Single Tips

We’ve got some awesome subscription football betting tips called Daily Single Tips. These tips are all about making steady profits. We pick one team or outcome, and there are three possible results: win, lose, or draw. 

We usually send these tips to our subscribers every day. Furthermore, we only send you tips for games where there’s a huge chance of winning. Odds have to be just right too! Odds are always over 2.10. So check out our winning performance, and get ready to make some smart bets!

Daily Single Tips

Every day, we make a list of games that we think will have lots of goals, corners, or a clear winner. Then, we do a lot of research on each game. We look at things like injuries, team news, suspensions, how important the game is, how the teams have done against each other in the past, and how many goals they typically score. We want to find the best games to bet on, so we only pick the ones Daily Single Tips.

Single Tips

MARCH 2024

01.03.2024 Pogon S.-Hutnik K. Tip:X Odds:3.45 FT:1:1
02.03.2024 R.Oviedo-Levante Tip:1 Odds:2.10 FT:3:2
03.03.2024 Ujpest-Fehervar Tip:1 Odds:2.30 FT:2:0
04.03.2024 Osasuna-Alaves Tip:1 Odds:2.30 FT:1:0
05.03.2024 Peterborough-Hereford Tip:2.55 Odds:2 FT:1:4
06.03.2024 Cardiff-Huddersfield Tip:1 Odds:2.40 FT:1:0
07.03.2024 Barranquilla-Huila Tip:2 Odds:2.40 FT:1:3
08.03.2024 Petrolul-Sepsi Tip:2 Odds:2.30 FT:0:1
09.03.2024 Swallows-Sekhukhune Tip:2 Odds:2.60 FT:1:4
10.03.2024 A.Klagenfurt-Rapid Tip:X Odds:2.80 FT:1:1
11.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
12.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
13.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
14.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
15.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
16.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
17.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
18.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
19.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
20.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
21.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
22.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
23.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
24.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
25.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
26.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
27.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
28.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
29.03.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
28.03.2024 HOMEAWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
28.03.2024 HOMEAWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?

Every month, we make a list of all the results from the Singles games. You can find this record on the Results page, and we update it often throughout the month. The list shows how many times we won or lost each month, and it also tells us the percentage of wins and losses. We also have a table that shows each game we played, including the date, the odds, the result, and whether we won or lost money. This table helps us figure out how much profit you can make with Daily Single Tips.

The Coolest Betting Strategy: Safe and Exciting Single Fixed Matches

When it comes to making bets, two things make them awesome:

They’re not too risky when you have the right information.
They have the potential for big rewards odds are always over 2.10.
The best single betting strategy is all about finding the perfect balance and additional useful information for a selected match. That’s why we’re all about the low-risk singles. If you’ve been following for a while, you know we are very dedicated to our daily singles category. When you make lots of predictions, the risk goes up. If even one game is wrong, the whole combo is ruined. Check out our betting performance with 1×2 bets! So, the best 1X2 betting strategy is to bet on singles, but one that has a low chance of going wrong. That’s why we look for additional information for our VIP subscribers. We choose one sure betting tip daily, with seriously exciting potential for big profits.

1X2 betting is like, super popular in the sports betting world. Lots of people who bet on sports use the 1X2 option the most. If you’re not sure what that means, don’t worry! You’re in the right spot. We’re gonna break it down for you and get you ready to play the game. Let’s go!

1X2 betting is a fancy way of saying you can bet on three different outcomes in a game. You can bet on a tie, the away team winning, or the home team winning.

But wait, there’s more! Single soccer betting has some special rules you need to know if you want to win big. Make sure you read the terms and conditions and follow the rules so you can make some sweet cash when you win.


Single Fixed Matches
So go ahead and try out some exciting bets!

Different Ways to Bet in 1X2

Hey there! If you’re into betting, you’ll be excited to know that 1X2 betting has some cool options for you to try out. Let’s dive into the different bet types you can use to increase your chances of winning!

First up, we have 1X2 betting on First Half. This means you can place your bets specifically on the first half of a game. If you’re someone who loves the thrill of the beginning of a match, this is perfect for you!

Next, we have 1X2 Second Half. As the name suggests, this bet type allows you to focus on the second half of a game. Maybe you’re someone who believes in comebacks or thinks the real action happens in the later part of the match. Well, this bet type is just right for you!

Lastly, we have the 1X2 Handicap. This is a bit different from the other two bet types. It gives you the chance to still win something, even if your team doesn’t come out on top. It’s like a safety net that keeps you in the game, even if things don’t go exactly as planned.

Now, let’s talk about the sport that 1X2 betting is most famous for – football! Football is super popular, and it’s no surprise that it’s a big part of 1X2 betting. The great thing about football is that it offers 3-way betting, which means you have even more options to choose from. You can bet on the first half, the second half, or the entire game. So many possibilities!

If you’re feeling a bit confused about what all this means, don’t worry! Just remember that 1X2 betting is a fun way to try your luck and win some cool prizes. And if you’re not sure which bet type to go for, give the Handicap option a shot. It can still give you some benefits, even if your team doesn’t win.

So, get ready to dive into the exciting world of 1X2 betting and have a blast cheering for your favorite teams! Good luck!