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soccer fixed matches


2/1 – 1/2

Half Time / Full Time

Next Match scheduled: 

Saturday 24th FEBRUARY 2024

ODDS  23.00 – 33.00


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Monthly report HT FT Fixed Matches matches

Online football betting offers a wide range of betting markets and types. To maximize your online betting experience, you need to understand and utilize the full range of options. we’ll explore the popular Half Time/Full Time bet, also known as HT/FT. This bet combines picks for both Half Time and Full Time results into a single wager.
Mastering HT FT Fixed Matches bets requires knowledge of both halves of the game, and combined with additional information from our sources. This type of betting on soccer can provide an exciting and engaging experience for soccer bettors.

HT FT Fixed Matches

FIXED MATCHES 03.02.2024


Lahti – Ekenas

Tip: 2/1 [HT-FT]

Half-time AWAY win, Full-time HOME win

Odd: 26.00


0 – 1

27′ 0 – 1 Lindholm S.


2 – 0

82′ 1 – 1 Babiker A.
90′ 2 – 1 Odutayo C. (Penalty)

HT 0:1 / FT 2:1 WIN

fixed picks


Sunderland – Plymouth

Tip: 2/1 [HT-FT]

Half-time AWAY win, Full-time HOME win

Odd: 25.00


0 – 1

39′ 0 – 1 Hardie R.


3 – 0

52′ 1 – 1 Ekwah P.
59′ 2 – 1 Clarke J.
67′ 3 – 1 Bellingham J.

HT 0:1 / FT 3:1 WIN

fixed picks


Peterborough – Blackpool

Tip: 1/2 [HT-FT]

Half-time HOME win, Full-time AWAY win

Odd: 31.00


1 – 0

39′ 1 – 0 Kyprianou H.


0 – 2

56′ 1 – 1 Lavery S.
90+1′ 1 – 2 Dembele K.

HT 1:0 / FT 1:2 WIN


Half Time/Full Time, or HT/FT for short, has been one of the most popular football bet types for quite a while. As the name might imply, at its heart, it’s a combination of the Half Time market and the Full Time market. Contact us for more info about HT FT Fixed Matches.

single soccer tips

We’ve got some awesome subscription football betting tips called Soccer Single Fixed. These tips are all about making steady profits. We pick one team or outcome, and there are three possible results: win, lose, or draw. 

We usually send these tips to our subscribers every day. You are receiving tips for games where there’s a huge chance of winning. Odds have to be just right too! Odds are always over 2.10 So check out our winning performance, and get ready to make some smart bets!

Soccer Single Fixed

Every day, we make a list of games that we think will have lots of goals, corners, or a clear winner. Then, we do a lot of research on each game. We look at things like injuries, team news, suspensions, how important the game is, how the teams have done against each other in the past, and how many goals they usually score. We want to find the best games to bet on, so we only pick the ones Soccer Single Fixed.



01.02.2024 Wolves-Manchester Utd Tip:2 Odds:2.20 FT:3:4
02.02.2024 LASK-Salzburg Tip:2 Odds:2.10 FT:2:3
03.02.2024 Lausanne-Young Boys Tip:2 Odds:2.20 FT:0:1
04.02.2024 RFC Liege-Beerschot Tip:2 Odds:2.20 FT:1:4
05.02.2024 Bastia-AC Ajaccio Tip:1 Odds:2.60 FT:1:0
06.02.2024 Motherwell-Ross C. Tip:1 Odds:2.10 FT:5:0
07.02.2024 Lommel SK-Beerschot VA Tip:1 Odds:2.40 FT:3:0
08.02.2024 Kecskemeti-DVTK Tip:1 Odds:2.15 FT:2:1
09.02.2024 Salernitana-Empoli Tip:2 Odds:3.10 FT:1:3
10.02.2024 Heracles-Vitesse Tip:1 Odds:2.20 FT:3:2

11.02.2024 Fortaleza-Junior Tip:1 Odds:2.25 FT:2:0
12.02.2024 UTA Arad-Botosani Tip:3+ Odds:2.25 FT:2:2
13.02.2024 Accrington-Wimbledon Tip:1 Odds:2.60 FT:2:0
14.02.2024 Anorthosis-Apollon Tip:1 Odds:2.40 FT:2:0
15.02.2024 Al Khaleej-Al Ettifaq Tip:2 Odds:2.35 FT:0:2
16.02.2024 Westerlo-St. Liege Tip:1 Odds:2.40 FT:2:1
17.02.2024 Perth G.-Brisbane R. Tip:1 Odds:2.40 FT:3:2
18.02.2024 Din. Bucuresti-Otelul Tip:1 Odds:2.55 FT:3:1
19.02.2024 OFI Crete-Panserraikos Tip:1 Odds:2.15 FT:4:0
20.02.2024 Aldershot-Barnet Tip:2 Odds:2.15 FT:1:0

21.02.2024 Bradford C.-Wycombe Tip:2 Odds:2.30 FT:0:1
22.02.2024 Qarabag-Braga Tip:2 Odds:2.25 FT:0:2
23.02.2024 Horsens-Kolding IF Tip:2 Odds:2.20 FT:1:2
24.02.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
25.02.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
26.02.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
27.02.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
28.02.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
29.02.2024 HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?

Every month, we make a list of all the results from the Singles games. You can find this record on the Results page, and we update it often throughout the month. The list shows how many times we won or lost each month, and it also tells us the percentage of wins and losses. We also have a table that shows each game we played, including the date, the odds, the result, and whether we won or lost money. This table helps us figure out how much profit you can make with Soccer Single Fixed.

combo tips

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of Multi Bet! It’s like a super cool strategy game that combines your smarts, gut feelings, and taking some risks. Imagine using your sports knowledge and love for the game to win big rewards. But hold on tight, because this adventure is not for the easily scared!

Multi Bets

Now, let’s break down what a combo bet means. It’s all about aiming for the sky with your bets, where anything can happen, and the fun never ends. Winning is a mix of being good at what you do.

So, are you ready to take on this challenge?

We are here to help you make a big profit with our treble bets.



02.02.2024 Friday
Hapoel Kfar S.Nof Hagalil Tip:2 Odds:2.00 FT:2:3
Almere CityExcelsior Tip:1 Odds:2.20 FT:2:1
MTK Budapest-Ujpest Tip:1 Odds:2.10 FT:3:0
Total Odds: 09.24

03.02.2024 Friday
FreiburgStuttgart Tip:2 Odds:2.20 FT:1:3
BurtonLincoln Tip:2 Odds:2.25 FT:0:1
Nantes-Lens Tip:2 Odds:2.10 FT:0:1
Total Odds: 10.39

04.02.2024 Friday
VizelaVitoria G. Tip:2 Odds:1.85 FT:0:1
Hapoel J.Beitar J. Tip:1 Odds:2.50 FT:2:1
Arsenal-Liverpool Tip:1 Odds:2.05 FT:3:1
Total Odds: 09.48

09.02.2024 Friday
OmoniaAnorthosis Tip:1 Odds:2.20 FT:3:1
EpinalCholet Tip:1 Odds:2.25 FT:3:1
Shamrock-St. Patricks Tip:1 Odds:1.90 FT:3:1
Total Odds: 09.40

10.02.2024 Saturday
NottinghamNewcastle Tip:2 Odds:2.10 FT:2:3
MK DonsAccrington Tip:1 Odds:1.75 FT:2:1
Waregem-Lommel SK Tip:2 Odds:2.60 FT:0:3
Total Odds: 09.55

11.02.2024 Sunday
Le HavreRennes Tip:2 Odds:2.05 FT:0:1
MallorcaRayo V. Tip:1 Odds:2.45 FT:2:1
Charleroi-Anderlecht Tip:2 Odds:2.00 FT:1:3
Total Odds: 10.04

16.02.2024 Friday
WesterloSt. Liege Tip:1 Odds:2.40 FT:2:1
West BromSouthampton Tip:2 Odds:2.25 FT:0:2
Hannover-Greuther Furth Tip:1 Odds:2.10 FT:2:1
Total Odds: 11.34

17.02.2024 Saturday
FulhamAston Villa Tip:2 Odds:2.30 FT:1:2
Sparta R.Excelsior Tip:1 Odds:1.90 FT:4:2
Salford-Barrow Tip:1 Odds:2.40 FT:5:3
Total Odds: 10.48

18.02.2024 Sunday
Din. BucurestiOtelul Tip:1 Odds:2.55 FT:3:1
Sheffield UtdBrighton Tip:2 Odds:1.65 FT:0:5
Brest-Marseille Tip:1 Odds:2.45 FT:1:0
Total Odds: ////

23.02.2024 Friday
HOMEAWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
HOMEAWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
Total Odds: ////

24.02.2024 Saturday
HOMEAWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
HOMEAWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
Total Odds: ////

25.02.2024 Sunday
HOMEAWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
HOMEAWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
HOME-AWAY Tip:/ Odds:/ FT:?:?
Total Odds: ////

Every month we put together a performance table with all the results from the Multi Bets. You can easily find this list on the Results page, and guess what? We update it a lot during the month! This list is super helpful because it shows us how many times we won or lost each month. It also tells us the percentage of wins and losses.

We also have this awesome table that shows every game we play. It includes the date, the odds (like the chances of winning), the result, and whether we won or lost money. This table is like a secret weapon because it helps us figure out how much profit you can make with Multi Bets. So, it’s like a guide to see how much money you can make by following and subscribing to our treble bets.

Best Betting Tips for today 24.02.2023 Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got several tipsters who are ready to give you all the juicy details you need to make your bets. They’ve got in-depth information that’ll help you choose wisely.

Best Betting Tips

St. Etienne are contenders for the playoffs, having put in strong performances recently with two more convincing draws in the domestic league. Their attacking prowess has been evident, scoring 8 goals over these last matches. In contrast, Annecy are struggling in the relegation zone amidst a poor run of form. With St. Etienne clearly the superior side, they should dominate possession and earn another win to boost their chances of clinching second place and automatic promotion.

Saturday 24.02.2024 15:00
St Etienne : Annecy

1  (St Etienne to win) Odds:1.55

Sure Best Betting Picks

Kaiserslautern is in 16th place and in the relegation zone, with 2 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses in 6 games. Their performance has been inconsistent lately, so it’s hard to predict how they will do today beyond expecting goals. The defense continues to struggle, currently conceding the second most goals in the league. They have conceded in 27 straight league games, and over 3 goals in 12 of their last 13 home games.

Karlsruher is in 11th place, 7 points above the danger zone. They have 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in 6 games, playing an open style. 3 or more goals have been scored in 12 of their last 13 games. Karlsruher has scored 2 or more goals in 9 of their last 10 matches.

Saturday 24.02.2024 13:00
Kaiserslautern : Karlsruher SC

3+  (Over 2.5) Odds:1.70

or risking for bigger odds 4+ (Over3.5) Odds:2.85

Sure Best Betting Tips

In their last seven matchups, Venezia and Pisa have scored at least one goal each time.

Venezia and Pisa have played 7 matches against each other since September 2019. The most recent matches were on October 29, 2023 when Venezia beat Pisa 2-1, and on February 17, 2023 when Pisa and Venezia tied 1-1. Their other 5 matches since September 2019 all ended in 1-1 or 2-2 ties.

Saturday 24.02.2024 16:15
Pisa : Venezia

GG  (BTTS-Yes) Odds:1.85

or risking for bigger odds GG & 3+ (BTTS-Yes & Over2.5) Odds:2.40

Sure Best Betting Tips

Recently, Atlético Madrid has struggled, with just one win in their last five games. They lost against Sevilla, Bilbao, and Inter, and drew with Real Madrid. However, over the past decade, Atlético has dominated Almería, going undefeated against them and winning five of their last six meetings, with one draw.

This season, Almería sits at the bottom of the La Liga table without a single win in 25 rounds, highlighting their poor form. Given Almería’s desperation and Atlético’s historical success against them, I expect Atlético Madrid to snap their recent skid and achieve an easy away victory against the struggling Almería.

10.12.23 Atl. Madrid-Almeria 2:1
16.04.23 Atl. Madrid-Almeria 2:1
15.01.23 Almeria-Atl. Madrid 1:1
19.09.20 Atl. Madrid-Almeria 4:1
21.02.15 Atl. Madrid-Almeria 3:0
24.09.14 Almeria-Atl. Madrid 0:1

Saturday 24.02.2024 21:00
Almeria : Atl. Madrid

2  (Atl. Madrid to win) Odds:1.80

Daily Best Betting Tips

Werder Bremen have been playing well. They bounced back from an unexpected home loss a few games ago by defeating FC Cologne away in the last round. They have won four of their previous five matches. Darmstadt are among the contenders for relegation. They have not won any of their last five games. They are also without a win in their last six away matches. Additionally, they have lost their last two visits to Werder. We believe anything other than a Werder win would be a surprise.

Saturday 24.02.2024 15:30
Werder Bremen : Darmstadt

1  (Werder Bremen to Win) Odds:1.75


Our tipsters always check the lineups and team’s form before making any bets. Also, we don’t forget to check the injury report and card suspensions too. These things can affect a team’s performance. Sometimes players get injured or suspended, which can change the whole game. We research the Best Betting Tips and look at the facts before posting any bets. So we make sure to know if any players are out before you place your bets.

Check yesterday Daily Soccer Tips 23.02.2024  past performance February 2024 HT FT Fixed Matches, also you can check our Multi Bets category, subscribe to our Soccer Single Fixed. This Telegram channel is designed for broadcasting soccer tips to a large audience and is updated daily with soccer betting analyses.