We’ve got some awesome subscription football betting tips called Single Fixed Tips. These tips are all about making steady profits. We pick one team or outcome, and there are three possible results: win, lose, or draw. 

We usually send these tips to our subscribers every day. We only send you tips for games where there’s a huge chance of winning. Odds have to be just right too! Odds are always ver 2.10 So check out our winning performance, and get ready to make some smart bets!

Single Fixed Tips

Every day, we make a list of games that we think will have lots of goals, corners, or a clear winner. Then, we do a lot of research on each game. We look at things like injuries, team news, suspensions, how important the game is, how the teams have done against each other in the past, and how many goals they usually score. We want to find the best games to bet on, so we only pick the ones Single Fixed Tips.


01.11.2023 Ipswich – Fulham Tip:2 Odds:2.20 FT:1:3

02.11.2023 FK Rostov – Ural Tip:1 Odds:2.30 FT:2:1

03.11.2023 Elversberg – St. Pauli Tip:2 Odds:2.20 FT:0:2

04.11.2023 Kilmar. – Motherwell Tip:1 Odds:2.20 FT:1:0

05.11.2023 Charleroi – Gent Tip:2 Odds:2.00 FT:1:3

06.11.2023 Guingamp – Auxerre Tip:1 Odds:3.00 FT:2:1

07.11.2023 Barrow – Liverpool U21 Tip:1 Odds:2.20 FT:2:1

08.11.2023 Jeddah – Al Orubah Tip:2 v2.20 FT:0:1

09.11.2023 Novara – Pontedera Tip:2 Odds:2.00 FT:1:2

10.11.2023 Versailles – Nimes Tip:1 Odds:2.20 FT:6:0

11.11.2023 Braunschweig – VfL O. Tip:1 Odds:2.30 FT:3:2

12.11.2023 Honved – Ajka Tip:1 Odds:2.00 FT:1:0

13.11.2023 Swa. U21 – Aston V. U21 Tip:2 Odds:2.20 FT:3:4

14.11.2023 Eastbourne Boro – Tonbridge Tip:2 Odds:2.70 FT:0:3

15.11.2023 Akragas – Trapani Tip:2 Odds:2.00 FT:0:3

16.11.2023 Bolivia – Peru Tip:1 Odds:2.20 FT:2:0

17.11.2023 Hamilton – Raith Tip:2 Odds:2.30 FT:1:4

18.11.2023 Whitehawk – Lewes Tip:1 Odds:2.10 FT:3:1

19.11.2023 Maastricht – NAC Breda Tip:2 Odds:2.00 FT:1:4

20.11.2023 Nof Hagalil – Hapoel U. Tip:1 Odds:2.20 FT:5:2

21.11.2023 Guiseley – Matlock Tip:1 Odds:2.00 FT:4:0

22.11.2023 Sloboda – FK Indjija Tip:2 Odds:2.70 FT:0:1

23.11.2023 Fluminense – Sao Paulo Tip:1 Odds:2.10 FT:1:0

24.11.2023 Mannheim – Verl Tip:2 Odds:2.20 FT:1:2

25.11.2023 Velez S. – Colon Santa Fe Tip:1 Odds:2.20 FT:3:1

26.11.2023 Rennes – Reims Tip:1 Odds:2.10 FT:3:1

27.11.2023 Fulham – Wolves Tip:1 Odds:2.30 FT:3:2

28.11.2023 Wigan – Fleetwood Tip:1 Odds:2.20 FT:3:0

29.11.2023 Volos – Panserraikos Tip:1 Odds:2.20 FT:1:0

30.11.2023 Sparta Prague – Betis Tip:1 Odds:2.40 FT:1:0

Every month, we make a list of all the results from the Singles games. You can find this record on the Results page, and we update it often throughout the month. The list shows how many times we won or lost each month, and it also tells us the percentage of wins and losses. We also have a table that shows each game we played, including the date, the odds, the result, and whether we won or lost money. This table helps us figure out how much profit you can make with Single Fixed Tips.

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